Day 30: Woke Up Slow and Felt the Need For Speed


After my youngest cousin graciously offered to house our brood last night, Scott picked up an assortment of pastries at Baked in Kansas City, with a special interest in almond and chocolate croissants a Wilson favorite. I tried to get caught up on the blog as Lulu took Severa and the kids to the park for one last play session before hitting the road. While out, Scott managed to break and fix her internet connection as he was poking around trying to learn more about Goggle Fiber. Perhaps he has been away from work too long. Thank goodness it happened though, as she had a loose connection that he was able to fix. Before we finally made it out the door just before noon, she asked for some pointers for her bike set up for an upcoming triathlon that she and her two sisters will be competing in in about 10 days. With our bikes fixed, it was nice to spend some a little down time with her.


Mo state police

So to keep things on an even playing field, today was apparently Scott’s special day to enjoy a conversation with a Missouri officer. How have we gone this entire trip and now we manage to get two tickets in two days? The Midwest does not apparently like us and perhaps we should turn around and move out west. Actually, I think it was very good for the kids to see us handle and interact with the police as neither time we were in the wrong and felt a bit targeted. Zach who is always concerned about fairness and justice was up in arms again and we had another important life lesson about “life was not fair and in the big schema of things, does it really matter?” We could contest it, but they know we won’t as it was obvious we were travelling, and by the direction, we were heading home. We will pay the extra fee and just be done with it as it will not affect our insurance as both of us have clean driving records. It was the same situation where the cop was traveling one direction and caught us in the far side of the highway. I am not going to let a ticket or two, especially when we were not in the wrong, dampen the last few moments of this trip. As we explained to Zach, who was still struggling with the concept, when he most seriously stated, “You know, maybe that guy was having a bad day and needed to take it out on someone. Maybe the truck that should have been pulled over would have lost his license or job if the cop would have caught him.”

Absolutely, God knew we could handle this and He showed grace and favor to someone else yesterday and today. How many times had God showered His grace on me and you? We have gone and grown too far, to let this bother us. Perhaps we would take a different tune if money was really tight (which it has in the past) or we wanted to cultivate a spirit of anger. We were done with that. We cannot always get our way, even when we were in the right. We present the facts and whether a race official, a friend, or a police officer choses to respond in our favor, only God knows. What we can control is our character and our response…period.

We have been so blessed this entire summer. We have seen God’s creation at its finest. We have seen brokenness and we have seen suffering. We have worked together, laughed together, trained together, slept together, loved one another and have forgiven together when necessary. This was a part of life and whether we agreed or not, what was done was done and we moved on down the road.

We arrived in West Des Moines early afternoon and for the very first time this trip we checked in at a hotel at a responsible hour. More important, we will stay in the same place two nights in a row. Yeah, no packing, unpacking, checking out, checking in, at least for a day or so. Well, I spoke to soon. As Scott was unloading luggage in the room they called and upgraded us to a suite after a mistake with Hmmm, I wonder if karma was paying us back for being “FLEXIBLE” and taking life in stride. As a family we have not always done this well, and I am so thankful for this trip as we all have learned this lesson as well as may others.

raccoon lake

We drove Viv to the course for sign up and then took the older kids to the YMCA for a final training session, the same Y that we had signed up at the beginning of the trip. As I went back to finish the last few loads of laundry, Scott picked up an early dinner at z’mariks noodle café, think Noodles & Company with more options, and with tummies filled we all went to bed.

YMCA HLCzmariks

Day 30: Woke Up Slow and Felt the Need For Speed

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