Day 28: OTC Here We Come


The morning greeted us with a bright sun and after putting the events from last night behind us, we were all looking forward to a great day morning at the OTC. Through a wonderful and very supportive contact with USAT, Scott had coordinated a private behind the scenes tour of the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, complete with breakfast with athletes and a tour with the head coach of the ETA-Elite Triathlon Academy. The kids were thrilled. We arrived at 7:00am to watch the training practice, where we saw the small but exclusive group train. We then had breakfast in the athletes dining hall where athletes from all disciplines came to dine when on campus. It just so happened that among the athletes training, was our good friend Hunter Kemper. Not really friends, but one incredible triathlete that we continue to run into throughout our travels. We spent almost four hours at the center before driving back into Denver to finally have the car window replaced, an almost equally exciting event for me. Not really, but I was looking forward to having the window repaired.

IMG_0993 IMG_0991 IMG_0988 IMG_0987

Not much to tell regarding the rest of the day as we spent almost five hours at the Infiniti dealership replacing window, cutting an extra key and replacing brake pads. They were wonderful to work with and even gave the outside of the car an extra special cleaning. As they car was getting its makeover, the kids managed to run and bike. We left late in the evening after a dinner at Panera and we were on the road headed to Kansas City to see my cousin Lora, before our final leg to Des Moines. Our detour would take us an additional hundred and thirty miles off our planned itinerary, but at this point it made little difference as we have already logged 7500+ in the last five weeks. I longed to catch up with her and see her life as the Curator of Education at the National World War I Museum. It was going to be a ten hour drive and we were going to at least try and get a few hours down the road but shortly after we turned onto interstate 70 heading East, the ominous skies greeted us with heat lightning that quickly turned into a massive storm that lit up the sky with incredible bolts of energy. Three of us tried to capture the impressive bolts with Kenzi being the only successful photographer. We made it just inside the Kansas state line, where we pulled off and called it a night at a local rest area, the cleanest thus far.

Day 28: OTC Here We Come

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